Every month, Sarah’s Inn nominates a volunteer to be our Volunteer of The Month. Susannah Yong was nominated as September’s Volunteer of The Month. Susannah joined the Sarah’s Inn team in February 2022. Our Volunteer and In-Kind Coordinator, Mariam, asked Susannah about her experiences as a volunteer.

  1. How long have you been volunteering with us, and how did you hear about Sarah’s Inn?

“I heard about Sarah’s Inn through my job at a police station and have always been familiar with the agency. I saw a flyer on a bulletin board that said Sarah’s Inn was looking for crisis line volunteers so I looked online to learn about the agency and signed up to volunteer.” 

  1. What have you enjoyed about volunteering with Sarah’s Inn?

“I have enjoyed giving back to the community.  To help someone in a crisis situation and have a positive outcome  feels rewarding.”

  1. Every month, you take on multiple crisis line shifts. How do you find ways to fit volunteering into your schedule?

“I make sure I am available for the shifts that I take. Weekends are easier for me. I have done overnight shifts if I am off from work. You all (Sarah’s Inn staff) are very accommodating with my schedule.”

  1. What made you want to volunteer at a Domestic Violence Agency?

“Having experience with domestic situations and seeing loved ones go through it, trying to talk to loved ones, wanting to do more for them but can’t can be difficult. It made me want to put that energy into volunteering. If I am unable to assist loved ones, I want to put that energy into someone else going through a similar situation.”

  1. Some people may find it difficult to balance working, volunteering, and their personal lives. Why do you think it is important for folks to find the time to volunteer?

“Volunteering helps you to grow as a person. It has helped me to be more social not just with callers but also with my peers at the monthly volunteer team meetings. I am an introvert so it helps me get out and expand more. Also, it gives me a chance to face new challenges, be a positive influence, overcome obstacles and become more compassionate.”

  1. Why should people volunteer at Sarah’s Inn?

“I feel it is a good cause. Sarah’s Inn is always looking for volunteers and it is a great place to start, you all (Sarah’s Inn staff) are very thorough with the training. I know about domestic violence and abuse  through my job but learned a lot more through the training. It is a great organization to volunteer with.”

Thank you Susannah for volunteering with Sarah’s Inn. If you are interested in volunteering, the best way to get involved is by emailing volunteering@sarahsinn.org, where you will be able to learn more about volunteering opportunities that are available to you.