Every month, Sarah’s Inn nominates a volunteer to be our Volunteer of The Month. Renee Hawkins was nominated as May’s Volunteer of The Month. Renee joined the Sarah’s Inn team in June 2022. Our Volunteer and In-Kind Coordinator, Mariam, asked Renee about her experiences as a volunteer.

  1. How long have you been volunteering with us, and how did you hear about Sarah’s Inn?

“I have been volunteering for about a year. I wanted to find a way to give back so I called to see about volunteering opportunities Sarah’s Inn had and was informed about the crisis line.”

  1. What have you enjoyed about volunteering with Sarah’s Inn?

“I am very passionate about domestic violence work and being a support to the community. This experience has been very rewarding and healing for me in a way as well. I enjoy being a listening ear and a support for those in need.”

  1. Every month, you take on multiple crisis line shifts. How do you find ways to fit volunteering into your schedule?

“I have older children and I am always looking for ways to keep myself busy. I take on shifts that are usually after work hours which gives me the opportunity to be fully present when someone does call the crisis line.”

  1. What made you want to volunteer at a Domestic Violence Agency?

“I owe alot to Sarah’s Inn. As a former victim and client of Sarah’s Inn, I now get to experience this organization from the opposite end. Sarah’s Inn gave me hope. It provided me with the proper support, and the tools for my family during such a challenging time. I will forever be grateful to this organization because of that. If I can encourage, empower or give one person just a small piece of what Sarah’s Inn gave me then my purpose has been fulfilled.”

  1. Some people may find it difficult to balance working, volunteering, and their personal lives. Why do you think it is important for folks to find the time to volunteer?

“For me, I don’t see this as a chore. I enjoy every opportunity I get to help someone. I would take over the line everyday if I could. I find solace knowing I gave someone an opportunity to feel heard, to me this is why.”

  1. Why should people volunteer at Sarah’s Inn?

“I think people hear the word ‘domestic violence' or ‘crisis line' and get intimidated, but my experience has been nothing but wonderful. People should want to volunteer at Sarah’s Inn if they are passionate about helping others.”

Thank you Renee for volunteering with Sarah’s Inn. If you are interested in volunteering, the best way to get involved is by emailing volunteering@sarahsinn.org, where you will be able to learn more about volunteering opportunities that are available to you.