What: (Not A Book) Book Club

Provided by: Sarah’s Inn’s Department of Training and Education


  • Wednesday, August 18th, 12-1PM

Duration: 60 minutes

Where: This event will be held virtually on Zoom.

Cost: FREE

Registration Link: Register in advance for this meeting to receive the Zoom link in your email:


Contact: Aniela Tyksinski, Communication Education Coordinator | anielat@sarahsinn.org 

Sarah’s Inn’s (Not A Book) Book Club is a monthly virtual gathering to share, discuss, and learn together about a wide range of social justice topics and how they intersect with intimate partner violence. With our busy schedules, it can be difficult for many of us to find the time to participate in traditional book club settings. In place of a book, each month we will ask you to view a short video, article, or podcast before our meeting that we will use to center our discussion. During our conversation, we will share why we believe the month’s topic connects to domestic violence and our work at Sarah’s Inn.  Grab your lunch and your laptop, invite a friend, and join us for some great content, conversation, and the chance to connect with fellow community members who share a passion for social justice!

We will discuss an episode from the Partnered with a Survivor podcast in which hosts David and Ruth, “offer a very personal look at relationship dynamics when one partner is a survivor [of abuse].” In this episode, David and Ruth explore healthy ways of supporting someone close who is trauma survivor while dismantling harmful stereotypes. Please listen to the podcast before the discussion and come ready to discuss! “Episode 18: Survivors aren't Broken!” https://open.spotify.com/episode/3bYbFRqkacUYnNe14kTGZK?go=1&utm_source=embed_v3&t=0&nd=1.