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These are just a few examples, but if you have been watching Netflix recently you may have noticed many of their shows have characters that are experiencing intimate partner violence (and/or sexual violence, depression, bullying, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts). The current popularity of true crime and docuseries on the streaming platforms have given viewers lots of new content to watch but also bring with that some pretty intense topics that can trigger emotions or memories for viewers.

In partnership with several national organizations, including National Domestic Violence Hotline, Netflix has created wannatalkaboutit.com which they reference at the end of any show that depicts any of the topics listed above. If you are looking for more information, they have provided guides and resources to help support those experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual violence, depression, bullying, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts, along with information for their families.

If you are experiencing physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse with your partner, Sarah's Inn staff and advocates are available 24-Hours a day at 708-386-4225 to answer your questions, help you safety plan, and to help provide you the resources you need.

*Netflix is not alone in presenting shows that include these topics. We are referring to them by name because they have identified this and are providing guides and resources through this new website.